Enabling jumbo frames to increase the mirroring path MTU

por | 24 julio, 2020

Jumbo Frames Switch: 9216 (untagged)

On 1-Gbps and 10-Gbps ports in the mirroring path, you can reduce the number of dropped frames by enabling jumbo frames on all intermediate switches and routers. (The MTU on the switches covered by this manual is 9220 bytes for frames having an 802.1Q VLAN tag, and 9216 bytes for untagged frames.)

Maximum frame sizes for mirroring

 Frame type configurationMaximum frame sizeVLAN tagFrame mirrored to local portFrame mirrored to remote port
DataDataIPv4 header
UntaggedNon-jumbo (default config.)151801518146454
Jumbo[1] on all VLANs921609216916254
Jumbo[1] On all but source VLAN15180n/a[2]146454
Jumbo[1] on all VLANs922049218916454
Jumbo[1] On all but source VLAN15224n/a[2]146854