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nakivo p2v backup vmware

Leading VMware Backup Solution Developed specifically for VMware vSphere, NAKIVO Backup & Replication delivers complete data protection for vCenter-managed and standalone ESXi workloads. With enterprise-grade functionality, the software solution provides efficient backups and ensures that your VMs, applications and data are recoverable within minutes. NAKIVO Backup & Replication fulfills all the requirements of today’s agile… Leer más »

Shrink VMDK Virtual Disk Size on VMWare ESXi – How to do it

Reduce the VMDK File Size of the VMWare Virtual Machine In order to reduce the size of the VMDK file on the VMWare VMFS file system, our Support Techs suggests the following steps: Initially, we shut down the virtual machine we want to reduce disk size. Via SSH, we connect to the console of the ESXi host… Leer más »

VMware vMotion fails with Error » Timed out waiting for Migration data»

This article assumes that you have checked the VMware KB articles below for troubleshooting vMotion network. vMotion of a VM fails with the error: “Timed out waiting for migration data” (2143834) Symptoms: VMware vMotion fails between ESXi hosts. vMotion VMK ping is successful between ESXi hosts. Virtual machine is large in Size ( VMs with… Leer más »

internal error cannot relocate virtual machine ramdisk (tmp) is full

Relocate virtual machine Status: A general system error occurred: internal error Initiator: VSPHERE.LOCAL\Administrator Target: VM-MYMACHINE01 Cannot relocate virtual machine VM-MYMACHINE01 in DCMY Relocating VM-MYMACHINE01 from, DataStore01 to 192,168.1.3 DataStore03 Task: Relocate virtual machine Check LOGS Cannot extend visorfs file /tmp/bbFile1.txt because its ramdisk (tmp) is full. Log into ESXi host and : vdf -h… Leer más »

Can mount: No (the original volume has some extents online) ESXi

# esxcli storage filesystem list Mount Point Volume Name UUID Mounted Type Size Free ————————————————- ——————– ———————————– ——- —— ———– ———- /vmfs/volumes/NFS1 NFS1 7186fc7f-332db554 true NFS 0 0 /vmfs/volumes/4ff9dae8-858c7e95-12f0-000c29e8410a TestVOL 4ff9dae8-858c7e95-12f0-000c29e8410a true VMFS-5 5100273664 2183135232 /vmfs/volumes/4f27b82e-3fc1540e-bf6b-000c295da2d9 datastore1 4f27b82e-3fc1540e-bf6b-000c295da2d9 true VMFS-5 37580963840 2551185408 /vmfs/volumes/504fbcbd-1d655805-636f-000c29e8410a SSD-Local 504fbcbd-1d655805-636f-000c29e8410a true VMFS-5 7247757312 1022361600 /vmfs/volumes/4ffa2c9d-a124e5c7-39c6-000c29e841f6 SANDS1 4ffa2c9d-a124e5c7-39c6-000c29e841f6 true VMFS-5 5100273664… Leer más »

Quick Tip – Allow unsupported CPUs when upgrading to ESXi 7.0

As outlined in the vSphere 7.0 release notes (which everyone should carefully read through before upgrading), the following CPU processors are no longer supported: Intel Family 6, Model = 2C (Westmere-EP) Intel Family 6, Model = 2F (Westmere-EX) To help put things into perspective, these processors were released about 10 years ago! So this should not come… Leer más »