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Use Entourage with Exchange Server 2007

Recently, my company implemented a new Exchange 2007 server for our email. No special changes or accommodations were made to support OS X. After a bit of searching and trial and error, I figured out the settings for Entourage to work when connected to the corporate network: email, contacts, and calendar all work. I started… Leer más »

Configure Exchange 2007 to Receive E-Mail for other Domains

by Daniel Petri – January 7, 2009 Exchange 2007 will only accept e-mail traffic for the e-mail domain that is identical to the name of your Active Directory domain. However, in some cases, we would like to allow our Exchange server to also receive e-mail for domains other than our own, internal domain name. On… Leer más »

Exchange 2007 Install

Instalación básica de Exchange 2007. Exchange 2007 es la nueva versión del servidor de correo de Microsoft, aunque en realidad Exchange es mucho mas que un servidor de correo. * El servidor tiene que tener el IIS funcionando pero no el SMTP ni el NNTP. Bien, ya tenemos Exchange instalado, el siguiente paso será crear… Leer más »