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proquiet base -C enable proquiet base -C disable

AquaData Studio

How to connect progress jdbc:datadirect:openedge://;databaseName=dbname[-mdbq:listadb];defaultSchema=pub com.ddtek.jdbc.openedge.OpenEdgeDriver C:\Progress11\OpenEdge\java\openedge.jar Fix width progress sql dbtool dbname

TOP clause progress (Limit sql)

TOP clause Limits the rows returned by an OpenEdge SQL query at the statement level and is supported in subqueries. Syntax TOP n[ column_name [, column_name ] …..| * ] Parameters n Indicates the number of records per table. [ column_name [, column_name ] …..| * ] Indicates the columns within a table. When the… Leer más »

fathom adminserver java heap problem

————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————– The reason why the adminserver starts when disabling fathom, is because this machine has so many CPU’s There’s a bug in the 3rd Party Orient database, which means that we need to upgrade it to get the fix. I now understand why they may have added the parameter: -XX:+UseParallelGC -XX:ParallelGCThreads=4 However their heap size… Leer más »

Progress Explorer AdminServer slow

Before restarting the AdminServer, in order to rule out an issue with a java Ipv6 not releasing ports properly so it ends up with being owned by kernel: Edit DLC/properties/ under the [PluginPolicy.Progress.AdminServer] section and add the following to the end of the current jvmargs line:

Quick Guide to setting up Multi Database ODBC / JDBC connectivity progress   For the purposes of this solution examples will be made referring to database1, database2 and database3 which are all copies of the sports2000 database. All databases must be started with separate TCP/IP ports. The primary database (database1) should not be included within the file mentioned below. In the directory where database1 resides create… Leer más »

How to Remove Storage Areas and Data Extents in Progress 9.x, 10.x, and 11.x Información Article Number 000001100 Environment Progress 9.x OpenEdge 10.x, 11.x All Supported Operating Systems Question/Problem Description How to remove all extents from a storage area. Can I remove an extent that is not empty? How to remove storage areas and data extents. Steps to Reproduce Clarifying Information Error Message Defect/Enhancement Number Cause Resolution… Leer más »