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How to check which process is writting on FileSystem Solaris

It won’t show the actual IO operations, but you can also use the fuser utility to identify process(es) using the filesystem in any way, even those that don’t cause actual IO, or do IO in ways that can’t be traced back to a particular process (mmap() of files is one, where a file can be mmap()‘d by multiple processes): Synopsis Description… Leer más »

How to Delete or Clear old FMA/fmdump logs

What is Fault Management Architecture (FMA) The Oracle Solaris OS includes an architecture for building and deploying systems and servicesthat are capable of predictive self healing. The service that is the core of the Fault ManagementArchitecture (FMA) receives data related to hardware and software errors and system changes,and automatically diagnoses any underlying problem. For a hardware… Leer más »

Change the MTU Permanently (Oracle Solaris)

Change the MTU Permanently (Oracle Solaris) Add this line in the /etc/driver/drv/i40e.conf file:default_mtu = desired-frame-size where desired-frame-size value can range from 1500 to 9706. Reboot the server. Another way to change the MTU permanently is with # dladm set-linkprop -p mtu=9706 net0.# dladm set-linkprop -p mtu=9706 net0 Change the MTU Temporarily (Oracle Solaris) Use the dladm(1M) command to modify MTUs.For example,… Leer más »

solaris memory check

echo «::memstat»|mdb -k Page Summary Pages MB %Tot ———— —————- —————- —- Kernel 208042 1625 7% Anon 200571 1566 6% Exec and libs 2644 20 0% Page cache 2452919 19163 79% Free (cachelist) 111729 872 4% Free (freelist) 138338 1080 4% Total 3114243 24330 Physical 3059418 23901 df -k /tmp

La historia de México y su primera conexión a Internet: una odisea entre la UNAM y el ITESM con satélites y hasta viajes en camión

OFRECIDO POR HUAWEI MÉXICOAppGallery: el ABC para descargar y usar tus apps favoritasHuawei apuesta por los desarrolladores locales con AppGalleryMatebook 13 2020: la ultrabook de Huawei se actualiza OFRECIDO POR OPPOLa increíble historia de cómo OPPO se convirtió en líder en smartphones TE RECOMENDAMOS Telcel pisa el acelerador para lanzar su red 5G en México:… Leer más »

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