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CentOS 7: Failed to set MokListRT: Invalid Parameter

If you have the following error upon startup, do this to make the system bootable again. Failed to set MokListRT: Invalid Parameter Something has gone seriously wrong: import_mok_state() failed:Invalid Parameter Either burn a new CentoS disc, make a boot flash drive, or insert the install ISO to your VM. Boot from the disc and once… Leer más »

Git 2.9 by Software Collections centos 7 rhel 7

rh-git29 – A release of Git, a distributed revision control system with a decentralized architecture. As opposed to centralized version control systems with a client-server model, Git ensures that each working copy of a Git repository is its exact copy with complete revision history. EL6 tests EL7 tests Instructions You can get started in three… Leer más »

how to install java centos

This is guide, howto Install Sun/Oracle Java JDK and JRE 7 update 40 (7u40) on Fedora 19/18/17/16/15/14/13/12, CentOS 6.4/6.3/6.2/6.1/6/5.9, Red Hat (RHEL) 6.4/6.3/6.2/6.1/6/5.9. If you’re looking instruction for Sun/Oracle Java JDK/JRE version 6 installation on Fedora 19/18, CentOS/Red Hat (RHEL) 6.4/5.9, please check this guide. What’s new in Sun/Oracle Java 7 VM Compressed 64-bit object… Leer más »