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sim> deposit 20 7001 sim> deposit 21 2034 sim> deposit 22 5021 sim> deposit 23 5020 sim> run 20 CREATE INC.PA #A /—————————————————- *20 /START 20 A, IAC /INCREMENTS +1 INDEX AC C(AC)+1=C(AC) B, ISZ 034 /INDEX AND SKIP IF ZERO (DELAY) JMP B /DELAY JMP A /CONTINUE /—————————————————- CRTL L #E PAL INC PAL… Leer más »

Creating a Very Simple PDP-8 Assembler (PAL8) Program

Posted on May 27, 2014 by Dan TheMan (all PDP-8 blog entries can be seen by clicking here) Today’s objective is to write, assemble, and run an extremely easy PAL8 (PDP-8’s assembly language) program. First, let me enumerate some resources necessary to make this happen. If you haven’t already you must create the PDP-8 simulation… Leer más »