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You now have successfully built and installed the Apache 1.3 HTTP server

+——————————————————–+ | You now have successfully built and installed the | | Apache 1.3 HTTP server. To verify that Apache actually | | works correctly you now should first check the | | (initially created or preserved) configuration files | | | | /usr/local/etc/apache/httpd.conf | | | and then you should be able to immediately… Leer más »

The Ultimate Media Server – Apache+SSL , PHP, MySQL and Jinzora

The Ultimate Media Server Apache+SSL , PHP, MySQL and Jinzora Author: Elijah Savage Date Last Edited 01/29/06 Rev.1 Concept I started out on this project to create the ultimate multimedia server using all opensource tools and applications. Some of you may be thinking along the lines of a TIVO device, no this was to create… Leer más »

su – how to become a super user. avoid using root

 If you’re like most people new to Unix, you do everything as root.  You shouldn’t.   I know I don’t follow my own advice, but I’m trying to improve. Create yourself another account.  Use that instead of root.  Unless you really need root.  You can always invoke su to become a super user.   That… Leer más »

Enable HTTP Accept Filter

  on FreeBSD, you need to add a kernelmodule grep accf /boot/defaults/loader.conf accf_data_load=»NO» # Wait for data accept filter accf_http_load=»NO» # Wait for full HTTP request accept filter add the second to /boot/loader.conf with ‘YES’ to enable this permenately.


FreeBSD utilizes, by default, a version of BIND (Berkeley Internet Name Domain), which is the most common implementation of the DNS protocol. DNS is the protocol through which names are mapped to IP addresses, and vice versa. For example, a query for will receive a reply with the IP address of The FreeBSD Project’s… Leer más »

Freebsd recuperar el password de root

Esto es por que al editar el archivo rc.conf me equivoque y no corria y para montar la particion se utiliza #mount -t ufs -a ya de esa forma pude editar el rc.conf equivocado pero para recuperar el password se utilizan estas opciones —————————— boot -s #mount -t ufs -a #passwd # exit to multiusers.… Leer más »

virtualmin para freebsd

Despues se configura el webmin se activan las quotas, se instala el modulo virtualmin desde el cpanel, despues hay unos pequeños errores para que funcione correctamente el webmin apache en sysinstall packages apache 1.33 para habilitarlo #ee /etc/rc.conf añadir apache_enable=»YES»

Para configurar webmin en freebsd

Installing the tar.gz file Before downloading Webmin, you must already have Perl5 installed on your system. Perl is usually installed as /usr/local/bin/perl or /usr/bin/perl, and comes as part of most recent versions of Linux. If you don’t have Perl, you can download the source from and compile it for your system. Most operating systems… Leer más »

Configurar freebsd para webhosting

Esto es del cpanel pero tambien aplica el mismo tutorial para webmin Setup / Install instructions for cPanel on FreeBSD ——————————————————————