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PowerShell Remoting from Linux Centos 7 to Windows

How to connect to Windows from Linux via PowerShell TL;DR You can PS-Remote from Linux to Windows if you Permit NTLM authentication on a target during post-exploitation Restart WinRM services Use this NTLM supporting PowerShell Docker image to PS-Remote from Linux to Windows. Background Info Occasionally I have found it useful on my pentests to leverage… Leer más »

Installing and Configuring OpenSSH on Windows Server 2019

Following are setup steps for OpenSSH shipped with Windows 10 v.1803 (April 2018 update. See comments to this post, it might not work with 1809). Server setup (elevated powershell): Install OpenSSH server: Add-WindowsCapability -Online -Name OpenSSH.Server~~~~ Start agent and sshd services: Start-Service ssh-agent; Start-Service sshd (this will generate host keys and default configuration automatically in $env:ProgramData\ssh). [Optional] Install OpenSSHUtils… Leer más »

Fix Google Chrome Status_Invalid_Image_Hash Error

If you’re getting the status_invalid_image_hash error on Google Chrome, use this troubleshooting guide to fix the problem on Windows and Android. Open Command Prompt as an administrator and type this command:

SQL Query for Counting Records per Day

This SQL query will add up the record count per day based on a column called “Timestamp.” Transact SQL SELECT DATEPART(YEAR, Timestamp) AS ‘Year’, DATEPART(MONTH, Timestamp) AS ‘Month’, DATEPART(DAY, Timestamp) AS ‘Day’, COUNT(*) AS ‘Visits’FROM tblVisitsGROUP BY DATEPART(DAY, Timestamp), DATEPART(MONTH, Timestamp), DATEPART(YEAR, Timestamp)ORDER BY ‘Year’, ‘Month’, ‘Day’ Results The results of this query will appear… Leer más »