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How to assign permissions by schema in SQL Server

To assign permissions to a schema in SQL Server, you must first create a security role and assign permissions to the role. Then, assign the role to the desired user or group of users. Here is an example of code to assign SELECT permissions to a «test_schema» schema: sqlCopy code– Create a security role CREATE… Leer más »

SQL Duplicates Count Query for two or more columns

This query uses a commonly used query (CTE) to group the results and count duplicates in the zip_to_fips table. The first part of the query, the CTE, selects the columns «fips», «cnty_name» and adds an additional column «DuplicateCount» that uses the ROW_NUMBER() function to assign a unique number to each row that has equal values… Leer más »

User, group, or role already exists in the current database

You moved the database to another instance and created a new login for this database instead of moving the login from the old instance to the new instance. I recommend that you read my article “How To Move Logins To Another Instance(sp_help_revlogin)”. You may receive this error when you want to authorize the login that you created for the database… Leer más »

SQL query to get start and end date from a result set

-1 I am working on one of requirement the raw data is in following format Requirement – Startdate should be the date when status changed to 1 and enddate should be the 1st date after the record status changed from 1 to any other number. Customer Status Date A123 0 7/2/2021 A123 0 7/15/2021 A123 0… Leer más »