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Change the MTU Permanently (Oracle Solaris)

Change the MTU Permanently (Oracle Solaris) Add this line in the /etc/driver/drv/i40e.conf file:default_mtu = desired-frame-size where desired-frame-size value can range from 1500 to 9706. Reboot the server. Another way to change the MTU permanently is with # dladm set-linkprop -p mtu=9706 net0.# dladm set-linkprop -p mtu=9706 net0 Change the MTU Temporarily (Oracle Solaris) Use the dladm(1M) command to modify MTUs.For example,… Leer más »

Can mount: No (the original volume has some extents online) ESXi

# esxcli storage filesystem list Mount Point Volume Name UUID Mounted Type Size Free ————————————————- ——————– ———————————– ——- —— ———– ———- /vmfs/volumes/NFS1 NFS1 7186fc7f-332db554 true NFS 0 0 /vmfs/volumes/4ff9dae8-858c7e95-12f0-000c29e8410a TestVOL 4ff9dae8-858c7e95-12f0-000c29e8410a true VMFS-5 5100273664 2183135232 /vmfs/volumes/4f27b82e-3fc1540e-bf6b-000c295da2d9 datastore1 4f27b82e-3fc1540e-bf6b-000c295da2d9 true VMFS-5 37580963840 2551185408 /vmfs/volumes/504fbcbd-1d655805-636f-000c29e8410a SSD-Local 504fbcbd-1d655805-636f-000c29e8410a true VMFS-5 7247757312 1022361600 /vmfs/volumes/4ffa2c9d-a124e5c7-39c6-000c29e841f6 SANDS1 4ffa2c9d-a124e5c7-39c6-000c29e841f6 true VMFS-5 5100273664… Leer más »

fix java errors

No appropiate protocol (protocol is disabled or cipher suites are inappropriate) java version «1.8.0_261»Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_261-b12)Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (build 25.261-b12, mixed mode) FIX Disable: In $JRE/lib/security/ Comment this lines: Certificates do not conform to algorithm constraints FIX Disable: In $JRE/lib/security/ Comment this lines:

perfect6502 6502 perfect6502 is a MOS 6502 CPU emulator that performs a simulation of the original NMOS 6502 netlist that was extracted by the project. Consequently, perfect6502 is perfect: It is not a reimplementation of the 6502, but a simulation of the original transistors. Its complete behavior, its internal state and its outputs are half-cycle exact. slow: Even though perfect6502 is highly… Leer más »

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OS X Catalina – /cores directory taking up a lot of space?

Long story short, it’s safe to delete them. The /cores folder is where OS X stores Core Dumps. These are files that are intended for developers to trouble-shoot and diagnose faults in their software. They are generated as software crashes. If you’re not a developer, or aren’t testing software for a developer, then these files serve no… Leer más »

Advantages of using set -o vi

By setting your readline editing to either emacs (the default) or vi (set -o vi) you are essentially standardizing your editing commands, across the shell and your editor of choice1. Thus, if you want to edit a command in the shell you use the same commands2 that you would if you were in your text editor.… Leer más » About LowEndBox Low End Box is dedicated to helping people run websites and services on low end dedicated servers and virtual private servers, where you only need to pay a few dollars a month to get full root access. Our mission is to help people find cheap vps hosting. [