Change the MTU Permanently (Oracle Solaris)

Change the MTU Permanently (Oracle Solaris) Add this line in the /etc/driver/drv/i40e.conf file:default_mtu = desired-frame-size where desired-frame-size value can range from 1500 to 9706. Reboot the server. Another way to change the MTU permanently is with # dladm set-linkprop -p mtu=9706 net0.# dladm set-linkprop -p mtu=9706 net0 Change the MTU Temporarily (Oracle Solaris) Use the dladm(1M) command to modify MTUs.For example,… Leer más »

zpool destroy Gives Error «cannot open ‘‘: pool I/O is currently suspended» (Doc ID 2255050.1)

To Bottom In this DocumentSymptomsChangesCauseSolutionReferencesAPPLIES TO:Solaris Operating System – Version 11.1 to 11.3 [Release 11.0]Information in this document applies to any platform.SYMPTOMSAfter dropping a LUN, you try to destroy a zpool and the following error is seen:      root:~# zpool destroy -f vader     cannot open ‘vader’: pool I/O is currently suspended Running zpool status on the… Leer más »

Por qué la mayoría de niños nacen en septiembre

La mayoría de los niños del siglo XXI han sido concebidos durante las fechas navideñas, lo que expone a la luz que las parejas prefieren estar más juntas durante este mes; imaginamos que el frío une mucho y que las vacaciones navideñas son el mejor momento para pasar un tiempo en familia… El estudio también muestra como, por el lado contrario, los… Leer más »

Can mount: No (the original volume has some extents online) ESXi

# esxcli storage filesystem list Mount Point Volume Name UUID Mounted Type Size Free ————————————————- ——————– ———————————– ——- —— ———– ———- /vmfs/volumes/NFS1 NFS1 7186fc7f-332db554 true NFS 0 0 /vmfs/volumes/4ff9dae8-858c7e95-12f0-000c29e8410a TestVOL 4ff9dae8-858c7e95-12f0-000c29e8410a true VMFS-5 5100273664 2183135232 /vmfs/volumes/4f27b82e-3fc1540e-bf6b-000c295da2d9 datastore1 4f27b82e-3fc1540e-bf6b-000c295da2d9 true VMFS-5 37580963840 2551185408 /vmfs/volumes/504fbcbd-1d655805-636f-000c29e8410a SSD-Local 504fbcbd-1d655805-636f-000c29e8410a true VMFS-5 7247757312 1022361600 /vmfs/volumes/4ffa2c9d-a124e5c7-39c6-000c29e841f6 SANDS1 4ffa2c9d-a124e5c7-39c6-000c29e841f6 true VMFS-5 5100273664… Leer más »

PowerShell Remoting from Linux Centos 7 to Windows

How to connect to Windows from Linux via PowerShell TL;DR You can PS-Remote from Linux to Windows if you Permit NTLM authentication on a target during post-exploitation Restart WinRM services Use this NTLM supporting PowerShell Docker image to PS-Remote from Linux to Windows. Background Info Occasionally I have found it useful on my pentests to leverage… Leer más »

Installing and Configuring OpenSSH on Windows Server 2019

Following are setup steps for OpenSSH shipped with Windows 10 v.1803 (April 2018 update. See comments to this post, it might not work with 1809). Server setup (elevated powershell): Install OpenSSH server: Add-WindowsCapability -Online -Name OpenSSH.Server~~~~ Start agent and sshd services: Start-Service ssh-agent; Start-Service sshd (this will generate host keys and default configuration automatically in $env:ProgramData\ssh). [Optional] Install OpenSSHUtils… Leer más »

Fix Google Chrome Status_Invalid_Image_Hash Error

If you’re getting the status_invalid_image_hash error on Google Chrome, use this troubleshooting guide to fix the problem on Windows and Android. Open Command Prompt as an administrator and type this command:

fix java errors

No appropiate protocol (protocol is disabled or cipher suites are inappropriate) java version «1.8.0_261»Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_261-b12)Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (build 25.261-b12, mixed mode) FIX Disable: In $JRE/lib/security/ Comment this lines: Certificates do not conform to algorithm constraints FIX Disable: In $JRE/lib/security/ Comment this lines: