How to check which process is writting on FileSystem Solaris

It won’t show the actual IO operations, but you can also use the fuser utility to identify process(es) using the filesystem in any way, even those that don’t cause actual IO, or do IO in ways that can’t be traced back to a particular process (mmap() of files is one, where a file can be mmap()‘d by multiple processes): Synopsis Description… Leer más »

How to Delete or Clear old FMA/fmdump logs

What is Fault Management Architecture (FMA) The Oracle Solaris OS includes an architecture for building and deploying systems and servicesthat are capable of predictive self healing. The service that is the core of the Fault ManagementArchitecture (FMA) receives data related to hardware and software errors and system changes,and automatically diagnoses any underlying problem. For a hardware… Leer más »

How to Add Swap on CentOS & RHEL 8/7/6

It is a good practice to create swap on system during operating system installation. But in some cases if you don’t have enabled swap on your system during installation and you are in required to enable swap on system. This article will help you steps by step instructions to enable swap on CentOS & RHEL… Leer más »


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