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Opening port 80 on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure ubuntu node

disable iptables systemctl disable iptables systemctl stop iptables I figured it out. The connectivity issue was due to Oracle’s default use of iptables on all Oracle-provided images. Literally the very first thing I did when spinning up this instance was check ufw, presuming there were a few firewall restrictions in place. The ufw status was inactive, so I… Leer más »

How to Change Oracle SQL Developer Language

Option 1  You can send the language setting as a command line argument when executing SQL Developer, so you can make it use a specific language by just modifying the shortcut’s target, like this: «C:\Program Files\sqldeveloper\sqldeveloper-\sqldeveloper\sqldeveloper.exe» –AddVMOption=-Duser.language=en Please note that those are two hyphens before AddVMOption, but only one after the equal sign.  Also, your… Leer más »

zpool destroy Gives Error «cannot open ‘‘: pool I/O is currently suspended» (Doc ID 2255050.1)

To Bottom In this DocumentSymptomsChangesCauseSolutionReferencesAPPLIES TO:Solaris Operating System – Version 11.1 to 11.3 [Release 11.0]Information in this document applies to any platform.SYMPTOMSAfter dropping a LUN, you try to destroy a zpool and the following error is seen:      root:~# zpool destroy -f vader     cannot open ‘vader’: pool I/O is currently suspended Running zpool status on the… Leer más »

blade x6250 firmware update procedure

Updating the Firmware With the ILOM CLI 1. Log onto the ILOM CLI through the Management Ethernet Port (see Using the CLI Through the Management Ethernet Port) or the serial port (see Using the CLI Through the Serial Port). 2. From the ILOM CLI, use the following command: load -source tftp://tftpserver/ilom.firmware.pkg where tftpserver is the trivial file-transfer protocol (TFTP)… Leer más »

Display the ok Prompt OpenBoot PROM

set /HOST/bootmode script=»setenv auto-boot? false» reset /SYS Choose the appropriate shutdown method from the following table to reach the ok prompt. Caution – When possible, reach the ok prompt by performing a graceful shutdown of the OS. Any other method used might result in the loss of system state data. System State What To Do… Leer más »