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Running VAX/VMS Under Linux Using SIMH

Phillip Wherry psw-at-wherry-dot-com Revision 1.5 22 January 2004 Copyright 2003-4 Phillip Wherry. Permission to reproduce this document in unaltered form is hereby granted. All other rights reserved. The most recent version of this document can be found at Introduction One of the first minicomputer systems that I worked with extensively was a Digital Equipment… Leer más »


The reason why the adminserver starts when disabling fathom, is because this machine has so many CPU’s There’s a bug in the 3rd Party Orient database, which means that we need to upgrade it to get the fix. I now understand why they may have added the parameter: -XX:+UseParallelGC -XX:ParallelGCThreads=4 However their heap size is… Leer más »


CARLOS:FAFNER$ LS Directory DISK$USER_1:[CARLOS] CORPORATE_DATA.RDB;1 2606/2622 14-JUN-2008 03:15:49.96 CORPORATE_DATA.SNP;1 796/828 14-JUN-2008 03:15:50.33 EJEMPLO.FOR;1 1/69 14-JUN-2008 03:07:51.08 HELLO.EXE;1 6/69 14-JUN-2008 17:14:16.06 HELLO.FOR;1 1/69 14-JUN-2008 17:01:54.53 HELLO.OBJ;2 1/69 14-JUN-2008 17:08:58.82 HELLO.OBJ;1 1/69 14-JUN-2008 17:02:02.60 HOLA.BAS;1 1/69 14-JUN-2008 03:03:44.82 MAIN.TPU$JOURNAL;1 1/69 13-JUN-2008 23:00:17.88 NONAME.BAS;1 1/69 14-JUN-2008 03:03:40.03 NOTAS.TXT;6 2/69 14-JUN-2008 09:53:38.08 NOTAS.TXT;5 2/69 14-JUN-2008 03:02:49.77 NOTAS.TXT;4 2/69 14-JUN-2008… Leer más »


Fafner VAX CARLOS:FAFNER$ show cpu FAFNER, a VAX 7000-720 Multiprocessing is ENABLED. Streamlined synchronization image loaded. PRIMARY CPU = 00 Active CPUs: 00 01 Configured CPUs: 00 01


OpenVMS On VMS you will need the DEC Fortran90 compiler installed and licenses loaded. This is available as part of the hobbyist project. These commands work for Fortran on both Alpha and VAX. To compile, type the following at the DCL prompt: $ FORTRAN HELLO.F To link the file to the Run-Time Lib (RTL) type… Leer más »

Welcome to OpenVMS (TM) VAX Operating System, Version V7.2

Welcome to OpenVMS (TM) VAX Operating System, Version V7.2 on node FAFNER Last interactive login on Saturday, 14-JUN-2008 16:36 ************************************** * * * Zugang zu diesem System ist nur * * authorisierten Personen gestattet! * * * * Access for authorized users only! * * * **************************************