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freeboard + fiware

git clone sudo npm -g install grunt-cli sudo npm -g install grunt npm install grunt git clone cd fiware-connectors cp -pr FreeBoard-Orion-Plugin/Orion_DataSource.js ../freeboard/plugins/thirdparty/. Edit your freeboard index.html and add the next line before the «Load more plugins here ***» comment: «plugins/thirdparty/Orion_DataSource.js», The result should be something like this: head.js(«js/freeboard+plugins.min.js», «plugins/thirdparty/Orion_Datasource.js», // *** Load… Leer más »

fiware-orion freeboard datasource configuration fails

This is a known issue when Orion runs in single tenant mode (i.e. without -multiservice enabled). Please use the following configuration at FreeBoard: Fiware-Service: ‘ ‘ (i.e. a whitespace) Fiware-ServicePath: ‘/’ (Side-note: XML is deprecated in Orion and, in fact, next Orion release -1.0.0- will not support it. I’d suggest to stop using it, in… Leer más »