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OS X Catalina – /cores directory taking up a lot of space?

Long story short, it’s safe to delete them. The /cores folder is where OS X stores Core Dumps. These are files that are intended for developers to trouble-shoot and diagnose faults in their software. They are generated as software crashes. If you’re not a developer, or aren’t testing software for a developer, then these files serve no… Leer más »

blade x6250 firmware update procedure

Updating the Firmware With the ILOM CLI 1. Log onto the ILOM CLI through the Management Ethernet Port (see Using the CLI Through the Management Ethernet Port) or the serial port (see Using the CLI Through the Serial Port). 2. From the ILOM CLI, use the following command: load -source tftp://tftpserver/ilom.firmware.pkg where tftpserver is the trivial file-transfer protocol (TFTP)… Leer más »

Advantages of using set -o vi

By setting your readline editing to either emacs (the default) or vi (set -o vi) you are essentially standardizing your editing commands, across the shell and your editor of choice1. Thus, if you want to edit a command in the shell you use the same commands2 that you would if you were in your text editor.… Leer más » About LowEndBox Low End Box is dedicated to helping people run websites and services on low end dedicated servers and virtual private servers, where you only need to pay a few dollars a month to get full root access. Our mission is to help people find cheap vps hosting. [


UNIX PC was AT&T’s computer with Unix System V based OS. It included special windowing system that ran only on UNIX PC’s hardware. Normal emulators such as 86box and PCem won’t be able to run UNIX PC software. But there is an emulator called “freebee” that will emulate UNIX PC. It’s not hard to get… Leer más »

Clone Linux user (copy user, based on another one)

It gets the source user’s groups (not including the group that’s the same as their login) and shell, then creates a new user with the same shell and secondary groups. There is no error checking, it’s just a quick and dirty clone script.