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How to make a programme continue to run after log out from ssh?

Assuming that you have a program running in the foreground, press ctrl-Z, then: If there is only one job, then you don’t need to specify the job number. Just use disown -h and bg. Explanation of the above steps: You press ctrl-Z. The system suspends the running program, displays a job number and a «Stopped» message and returns you… Leer más »

Setting up Qemu with a tap interface

There are two parts to networking within QEMU: The virtual network device that is provided to the guest (e.g. a PCI network card). The network backend that interacts with the emulated NIC (e.g. puts packets onto the host’s network). Example: User mode network User mode networking allows the guest to connect back to the outside… Leer más »

Installing Windows XP on QEMU raspberry pi 4

In this article we will attempt install Windows XP on QEMU rpi4.  I use: Raspberry Pi 4 Raspbian 10 buster as host OS QEMU version 3.1.0 (Debian 1:3.1+dfsg-8+deb10u8) Windows XP SP2 ISO / CD Make Working Directory mkdir ~/qemu/winxp directory Create Disk qemu-img create -f raw winxp.img 10G Installation qemu-system-i386 -m 512 -hda winxp.img -cdrom winxpsp2.iso -boot… Leer más »

Emisión de certificado o diplomas del grupo SMA NOAA AMATEURS.

«Estimados colegas, como forma de motivación he implementar el gusto por las comunicaciones satelitales y sobre todo por los tan importantes satélites meteorológicos como los Noaa, Meteor , Goes. Nuestro grupo ha decidido empezar en la emisión de diplomas o certificados para todos aquellos que realicen esta práctica como forma simbólica de entusiasmo y como… Leer más »

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Quick Tip – Allow unsupported CPUs when upgrading to ESXi 7.0

As outlined in the vSphere 7.0 release notes (which everyone should carefully read through before upgrading), the following CPU processors are no longer supported: Intel Family 6, Model = 2C (Westmere-EP) Intel Family 6, Model = 2F (Westmere-EX) To help put things into perspective, these processors were released about 10 years ago! So this should not come… Leer más »