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centos 7 minimal

ifconfig -a equivalente en centos 7: ip a list   Install net-tools (ifconfig) #yum install net-tools

How to get started with Firewalld

source:   Hello All, Today I was trying to learn and know about Systemd. I have found one of the great Article about firewalld, Sharing with you guys, It will help you to understand this biggest and major change in RHEL and CentOS 7. This article is not mine, I found on internet and… Leer más »

Install Apache, PHP And MySQL On CentOS 7 (LAMP)

url:   1 Preliminary Note In this tutorial I use the hostname with the IP address These settings might differ for you, so you have to replace them where appropriate. I will add EPEL-7 repo here to install latest phpMyAdmin as follows: rpm -ivh