ipmp with vlan configuration

por | 2 agosto, 2022

ipadm create-ip net2
ipadm create-ip net3
dladm create-vlan -l net2 -v 25 vlan45
dladm create-vlan -l net3 -v 25 vlan45_1

ipadm create-ip vlan45
ipadm create-ip vlan45_1
ipadm create-ipmp -i vlan45 -i vlan45_1 ipmp1
ipadm create-addr -T static -a ipmp1/v4

dladm create-vlan -l net2 -v 190 vlan190
dladm create-vlan -l net3 -v 190 vlan190_1

ipadm create-ip vlan190
ipadm create-ip vlan190_1
ipadm create-ipmp -i vlan190 -i vlan190_1 ipmp2
ipadm create-addr -T static -a ipmp2/v4


delete vlan ipmp
Solaris 11 Single Interface

Report physical links and availability:

$ dladm show-phys | egrep "LINK|1000"

Create the network interface, VLAN and IP address,

$ ipadm create-ip net0
$ dladm create-vlan -l net0 -v 183 vlan183

$ ipadm create-addr -T static -a net0/v4

To remove this configuration,

$ ipadm delete-addr net0/v4
$ dladm delete-vlan vlan183

$ ipadm delete-ip net0

Solaris 11 IPMP on 10Gbps

Identify the pair of 10Gpbs interfaces (E.g. Links net4 and net5):

$ dladm show-phys | egrep "LINK|1000"

Create the network interfaces, configure jumbo frames:

$ ipadm create-ip net4 ; ipadm create-ip net5
$ dladm set-linkprop -p mtu=9000 net4

$ dladm set-linkprop -p mtu=9000 net5

Add the VLANs:

$ dladm create-vlan -l net4 -v 183 vlan183
$ dladm create-vlan -l net5 -v 183 net183005

$ dladm show-link

Create the IPMP group using the first interface, assign our IP, add another interface:

$ ipadm create-ipmp -i net4 ipmp0
$ ipadm create-addr -T static -a ipmp0/v4
$ ipadm add-ipmp -i net5 ipmp0

To remove this configuration, first remove IPMP then interfaces and VLANs:

$ ipadm delete-addr ipmp0/v4
$ ipadm remove-ipmp -i net4 -i net5 ipmp0
$ ipadm delete-ipmp ipmp0
$ ipadm delete-ip net4 ; ipadm delete-ip net5

$ dladm delete-vlan net183005 ; dladm delete-vlan vlan183

Solaris 11 Network Configuration Review

Review the configuration as follows, and confirm access using ping and SSH:

$ ipadm
$ dladm show-phys
$ dladm show-link
$ netstat -nrv