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Brook Taylor

Brook Taylor (‘teɪlə(r)[1])(August 18, 1685 – November 30, 1731) was an English mathematician. His is the name that is attached to Taylor’s theorem and the Taylor series.

Gauss Legendre

Abcisas (1er columna) y pesos (2da columna) Integracion de Gauss Legendre de distintos ordenes Gauss-Legendre, order 2 -0.577350269189626 1.000000000000000 0.577350269189626 1.000000000000000 Gauss-Legendre, order 3 -0.774596669241483 0.555555555555553 0.000000000000000 0.888888888888889 0.774596669241483 0.555555555555553 Gauss-Legendre, order 4 -0.861136311594053 0.347854845137448 -0.339981043584856 0.652145154862546 0.339981043584856 0.652145154862546 0.861136311594053 0.347854845137448 Gauss-Legendre, order 5 -0.906179845938664 0.236926885056182 -0.538469310105683 0.478628670499366 0.000000000000000 0.568888888888889 0.538469310105683 0.478628670499366 0.906179845938664 0.236926885056182 Gauss-Legendre,… Leer más »

A 10 minute tutorial for solving Math problems with Maxima

By Antonio Cangiano. Filed under Essential Math, Software About 50,000 people read my article 3 awesome free Math programs. Chances are that at least some of them downloaded and installed Maxima. If you are one of them but are not acquainted with CAS (Computer Algebra System) software, Maxima may appear very complicated and difficult to… Leer más »

Mathematica VS Sage

Sagefloat(integral(x*cos(2*x),x,0,1))0.10061200427605527 show(integral(x*cos(2*x),x,0,1)) show(expand((x-3/8)^10)) G = graphs.CubeGraph(5); Gshow(plot3d(G, xres=1280, yres=1024))MathematicaNIntegrate[x Cos[2 x], {x, 0, 1}]0.100612  

The Universal Digital Library

Most readers are probably familiar with Google’s book scanning project, a collaboration with several major universities to digitize works of literature, art, and science. But Google may have been beat to the punch this time — about a decade ago, Carnegie Mellon University embarked on a project to scan books into digital format, to be… Leer más »


Operaciones Básicas MATHEMATICA 1.- Obtener la integral Cuando se multiplican dos variables, se debe dejar un espacio entre ellas, o bién, utilizar el paréntesis. El argumento de la función trigonométrica o logarítmica debe de estar entre corchetes.

Voces mayas y mayismos

Entre los varios fenómenos patentes en Yucatán como resultado de la coexistencia de dos idiomas se destaca singularmente la presencia de voces mayas y mayismos en el español, en forma abundosa, no sólo en el habla del vulgo, sino también en el de la clase media y en el lenguaje familiar de las clases cultas.… Leer más »


A magnetar is a neutron star with an extremely powerful magnetic field (about 100 to 1000 times stronger than the Crab Nebula pulsar), the decay of which powers the emission of copious amounts of high-energy electromagnetic radiation, particularly X-rays and gamma-rays. The theory regarding these objects was formulated by Robert Duncan and Christopher Thompson in… Leer más »