Recommended SQL server books

por | 19 marzo, 2024

T-SQL Books:

  1. T-SQL Fundamentals by Itzik Ben-Gan: Dive deep into foundational T-SQL concepts with this comprehensive 361-page guide, essential for beginners and seasoned SQL practitioners alike.
  2. T-SQL Querying (Developer Reference) by Itzik Ben-Gan: Expand your T-SQL knowledge with this extensive 803-page resource covering advanced topics like pivoting, windowing, BI, and in-memory OLTP.

Performance Tuning Books:

  1. Learn T-SQL Querying by Pedro Lopes and Pam Lahoud: Discover a wealth of performance tuning tips and techniques in this 450-page guide, offering valuable insights into optimizing SQL Server performance.
  2. SQL Server 2017 Query Performance Tuning by Grant Fritchey: Explore timeless advice on query performance tuning in this 823-page comprehensive resource, regardless of the version number mentioned in the title.

Specialized Topics:

  1. Query Store for SQL Server 2019 by Tracy Boggiano and Grant Fritchey: Gain essential insights into Query Store, a critical tool for monitoring and optimizing SQL Server performance, in this detailed guide.
  2. SQL Server 2019 Revealed by Bob Ward: Delve into the latest features introduced in SQL Server 2019 with this comprehensive resource, providing an in-depth exploration of Microsoft’s advancements in database technology.