Bitacora install arch

por | 24 marzo, 2018

Set up WIFI

ip link set wlp0s20u3 up
iwlist wlp0s20u3 scan
ifconfig -a
passwd root
systemctl start sshd


To modify the layout, append a corresponding file name to loadkeys(1), omitting path and file extension. For example, to set a Latin keyboard layout:

# loadkeys la-latin1



an easier way that eliminates some of the guesswork on how to make profiles for netctl (taken from the netctl page on the arch wiki):

Step 1. setup wireless internet manually, using wpa_supplicant as described in 1ST

Step 2. pacman -S dialog. Then, reboot or otherwise disconnect from wireless.

Step 3. wifi-menu -o, then go through the very straightforward Windows/Mac-esque settings. You will give your profile a name, which defaults to interface_ssid where interface in OP’s case is wlan0 and ssid is the name you have given to the router, e.g. netgear123 or something. (apologies if my language is imprecise).

Step 4. netctl enable wlan0_netgear123, or whatever name you chose.

Step 5. reboot, and you should automatically be able to ping, and do other internet stuff. Occasionally you might get an error message with something like temporarily unable to resolve name or something, but just try pinging again and it should work.


ifconfig -> pacman -S net-tools