Reset the Chassis Monitoring Module (CMM) from a Blade

por | 9 octubre, 2015

When we need to reset the CMM of a SUN BLADE 6000 MODULAR SYSTEM and we have no access via ssh or web, we can do it through some of the blades in the chassis using ipmitool.

For example we may find that we can not access because we  have reached the maximum number of sessions:

# ssh root@CMM-net-mgt
shell: Maximum number of sessions exhausted

Connection to CMM-net-mgt closed.

As we have no access, we can not reset it. When this happens, we access to the operating system of any of the blades and run the following

root@blade1 # ipmitool -H CMM-net-mgt -U root bmc reset cold
Sent cold reset command to MC
root@blade1 #

and after that we can logging without problems

# ssh root@CMM-net-mgt

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