JAVA-LANG Nullpointer Exeption on starting database agent after installing 10.2B SP6

por | 3 octubre, 2013
Article Number 000034388
Environment OpenEdge 10.2B06
OpenEdge 11.1
Question/Problem Description
JAVA-LANG Nullpointer Exeption on starting database agent after installing 10.2B SP6
The database is started and can be connected to
OpenEdge Explorer shows the database as not running
Clarifying Information
Database Agent started without issues in 10.2B05

Only databases with a specific servergroup defined fail to start the dbagent
Databases with the «defaultservergroup» start the dbagent

This database configuration WILL start the dbagent


This database configuration WILL NOT start the dbagent

Error Message java.lang.NullPointerException
Message (throw): Could not create database agent startup command.
Message (excp): null
Stack Trace:
at com.progress.agent.database.AgentDatabase.start(
Defect/Enhancement Number Defect OE00224491
The exact cause is not known at this time.

The problem appears to be in the code to actually ‘construct’ the command line to start the dbagent for a certain database.

Until the fix is available, use the workaround below.
There is no problem actually running the dbagent. So as a workaround, the dbagent can be started from the cmd line or a script as follows:

%DLC%\bin\_dbagent -db <path>\<dbname> -port 8842 -u DB_Agent -propertyfile %DLC%\properties\ -config <configname> -installdir %DLC% -ipver IPv4 -m5

Or as a service as follows: (for example against a database configname = testsports case)

sc create OE_start_dbagent binpath= C:\Progress\OpenEdge\bin\_dbagent -db d:\db\sports2000 -port 8842 -u DB_Agent -propertyfile C:\Progress\OpenEdge\properties\ -config testsports -installdir C:\Progress\OpenEdge -ipver IPv4 -m5
sc start OE_start_dbagent
sc delete OE_start_dbagent

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