error conv1011 fix drFldAttrFix, errno 6

por | 11 marzo, 2013

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OpenEdge Release 11.2 as of Wed Feb 13 18:26:43 EST 2013

You must have your database backed up before running the conversion. (1024)
Have you done this (y/n) ?
VST Table Deletion has begun. Please standby. (6876)
VST Table Deletion has completed successfully. (6885)
Internal error in drFldAttrFix, errno 6. (11158)

Solution 1: Delete the User table content

Dump and Delete the User table content in the OpenEdge 10 environment prior to running CONV1011. After the database has been successfully converted to OpenEdge 11, load the _user.d content back through the Database Administration utility.

SOLUTION 2 idxbuild all
/opt/dlc11/bin/102dbutils/102b05_dbutil databasename -C idxbuild all

OPTION 3: Dump and Load.

Instead of running conv1011, dump the database content in OpenEdge 10 and Load it in OpenEdge 11.

CONV1011 failed during the conversion of the _User table where conversion was building and deleting the _Userid key for a user id containing a non-ascii character. The delete of the OE 10 key failed as the internal keysort produced an incorrect key. This incorrect key build resulted from the incorrect setup of the codepage.