An empty Choose a digital certificate dialog pops up when accessing https on SBS 2003 with SSL

por | 14 marzo, 2008


In IIS, check properties of both the default web site and the Exchange virtual directory. On the directory security tab, click Edit under secure communications. Make sure ‘Ignore Client Certificates‘ is checked.


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Have you by chance installed Certificate Services?  If so, you need to uninstall that component because it’s not used with SBS if you use a self-signed certificate.
Also, do you have ISA Server 2004 installed? Along with it’s latest service pack?
Accepted Solution
 02.06.2007 at 01:54PM PST, ID: 18480094
I had installed Certificate Services as part of my process to get SSL working. This was before I re-ran the IECW. Removing that software along with setting the «Ignore Client Certificates» in the Directory Security tab plus checking the box for «Require Secure Channel (SSL)» and doing the IISReset fixed the problem. Thanks for the good work.