ILO linux Serial Port

por | 10 febrero, 2008

Linux Serial Port

The /dev/ttyS0 device, if configured, provides the ability to obtain serial tty sessions via the iLO Remote Serial Console. The Linux system must be configured correctly in order to obtain this support. Please refer to your specific Linux system implementation for appropriate commands. Some general guidelines are described below:

  1. The Remote Serial Console needs to be enabled through the host system ROM Based Setup Utility (RBSU). The configuration allows for the enabling or disabling of the Remote Serial Console.
  2. The iLO Remote Serial Console capability uses either a special I/O address or standard UART IO address. The address and interrupt configuration selected from the RBSU is displayed upon initial connection to the Virtual Serial Port. Verify that the I/O address and interrupt selected from RBSU correspond to the settings for the device selected. The I/O address and/or interrupt may need to be configured using the setserial command from Linux.Refer to your documentation for the setserial command.


         setserial /dev/ttyS1 uart 16550A port 0x2F8 irq 3

    This command may be called from rc.serial, commonly run from /etc/rc.local.

  3. The operating system must have a serial port process for the iLO Virtual Serial Port (UART) in order to start a shell session. This process can be started from the shell, but is usually configured in the /etc/inittab file in order to have the process available after the kernel has booted.Refer to your Linux documentation for the appropriate /etc/inittab configuration and documentation for agetty.


         s0:2345:respawn:/sbin/agetty 115200 ttyS1 vt100