Mac OS 10.4.6

por | 2 julio, 2006

1. I downloaded VirtualCloneDrive from Slysoft (or use an other disk image mounting utility) and mounted my disk image with it.
2. Opened VMware and made a new machine. I selected Other, Other. for the OS.
3. Chose the add hardware option when I had created my virtual machine. I selected CD-ROM drive, and chose PHYSICAL DRIVE. I selected my VirtualCloneDrive, in my case it was I:/
4. Power on the virtual machine. When I installed I used «-v -x Platform=X86PC»

abrir el archivo con freebds.vmx and paevm = “TRUE” 

5. I erased virtual disk in teh disk utility and installed OS X to it. make sure you select the patches in teh intsllation options part. I skipped the installation disk check part.

6. When I booted I got the «b0 error» I went back to VirtualCloneDrive and I mounted the gParted liveCD (google for it)

6 II. I booted up VMware and pressed escape and chose boot to CD. when it loaded I selected the partition, right clicked and selected «manage flags» and ticked boot. I restarted teh virtual machine.

7. This time it loaded up perfectly, when through the set up Mac OS X process and most of teh stuff worked. I dont have a network connection because I didn’t set one up when creatign the virtual machine, and it cried about some Sound driver plugin kext.


OS X in VMware is good. It lets you fiddle with OS X to see it is right for you, But I wouldn’t recommend using it like it was native, it’s too slow for that and maty be difficult to set up for network, etc.


Para bootearlo

rd=disk0shd platform=X86PC -v


After setting up and installing and rebooting the first time, your install hangs, try this fix.
Boot FROM THE INSTALL DVD. Go to utilities and open up TERMINAL. Type (without the quotes): «mount -a» then type «/Volumes/yourosxinstall/usr/sbin/chown -R root:wheel /Volumes/yourosxinstall/system/library/extensions/» then type «touch /Volumes/yourosxinstall/system/library/extensions/» REPLACE yourosxinstall with the name of the volume where your os x is installed (Mac for example). Reboot and pray.

WARNING: Some have experienced data corruption when using sata on nForce4! If this occurs to you, it is not our fault and you use this information at your own risk. Neither I nor Jas will be responsible for any loss of your time or money caused by this.

Hope this helps some of you.