por | 24 septiembre, 2021

Shaun T wrote:

During testing, I once got feedback that it should be easier, it should be more accessible, more doable by everyone. My reply was, «No it shouldn’t. It’s not for a person who’s lazy, not for a person who makes excuses, not for a person who doesn’t want to give It their all.» Why? Because life isn’t easy!When I am creating workout programs, it’s about so much more than fitness. The foundation of each of my workouts has to have messaging that will guarantee not only physical results but mental transformation.You’re supposed to feel weak, you’re supposed to be breathless, you’re supposed to take breaks. Your life requires you do all of these things too. The sooner you accept the reality that you can do hard things in your workouts, the sooner you will do so in your life too. Not only will you likely drop a few pounds and add some muscle, but it’s instrumental in building confidence and mental strength as well. That’s why this workout program, to this day, is still so incredibly popular and effective.Worry a little bit less about how many power jumps you can do, how many breaks you take, when you modify, and instead, show up every single day and do the best that you can do.

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