Can mount: No (the original volume has some extents online) ESXi

por | 25 marzo, 2021
[root@ESXICONSOLE01:~] esxcfg-volume -l
Scanning for VMFS-6 host activity (4096 bytes/HB, 1024 HBs).
VMFS UUID/label: 5f1b6591-20aa4898-9d26-08f1eaf7e0c2/EMC_SVT01
Can mount: No (the original volume has some extents online)
Can resignature: Yes
Extent name: naa.6000d310045eac000000000000000013:1     range: 0 - 62914303 (MB)

[root@ESXICONSOLE01:~] esxcli storage vmfs snapshot list
   Volume Name: EMC_SVT01
   VMFS UUID: 5f1b6591-20aa4898-9d26-08f1eaf7e0c2
   Can mount: false
   Reason for un-mountability: the original volume has some extents online
   Can resignature: true
   Reason for non-resignaturability:
   Unresolved Extent Count: 1
[root@ESXICONSOLE01:~] esxcli storage vmfs snapshot resignature -u 5f1b6591-20aa4898-9d26-08f1eaf7e0c2
[root@ESXICONSOLE01:~] esxcli storage vmfs snapshot list
[root@ESXICONSOLE01:~] esxcfg-volume -l
# esxcli storage filesystem list
Mount Point                                        Volume Name           UUID                                 Mounted  Type           Size        Free
-------------------------------------------------  --------------------  -----------------------------------  -------  ------  -----------  ----------
/vmfs/volumes/NFS1                                 NFS1                  7186fc7f-332db554                       true  NFS               0           0
/vmfs/volumes/4ff9dae8-858c7e95-12f0-000c29e8410a  TestVOL               4ff9dae8-858c7e95-12f0-000c29e8410a     true  VMFS-5   5100273664  2183135232
/vmfs/volumes/4f27b82e-3fc1540e-bf6b-000c295da2d9  datastore1            4f27b82e-3fc1540e-bf6b-000c295da2d9     true  VMFS-5  37580963840  2551185408
/vmfs/volumes/504fbcbd-1d655805-636f-000c29e8410a  SSD-Local             504fbcbd-1d655805-636f-000c29e8410a     true  VMFS-5   7247757312  1022361600
/vmfs/volumes/4ffa2c9d-a124e5c7-39c6-000c29e841f6  SANDS1                4ffa2c9d-a124e5c7-39c6-000c29e841f6     true  VMFS-5   5100273664  4352638976
/vmfs/volumes/50ddca61-f6faa2a4-e005-000c29e841f6  snap-21483998-SANDS1  50ddca61-f6faa2a4-e005-000c29e841f6     true  VMFS-5   5100273664  4352638976

It will be assigned a new volume name, in this case ‘snap-21483998-SANDS1’. It can also now be seen in the vSphere client: