perfect6502 6502

por | 19 enero, 2021

perfect6502 is a MOS 6502 CPU emulator that performs a simulation of the original NMOS 6502 netlist that was extracted by the project.

Consequently, perfect6502 is

  • perfect: It is not a reimplementation of the 6502, but a simulation of the original transistors. Its complete behavior, its internal state and its outputs are half-cycle exact.
  • slow: Even though perfect6502 is highly optimized C code, achieves only 1/30 of the speed of a 1 MHz 6502 on a high-end CPU of 2020.

perfect6502 is useful for

  • understanding and reverse engineering the 6502
  • debugging 6502 emulators by running them side by side with perfect6502

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