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Changes required for Plane Plotter Mlat (multi-lateration)

So that’s Malcolm’s version of dump1090 installed and running on your RPi.  This version already incorporates the changes required for a Plane Plotter Mlat Ground Station.

  1. Run the new version of dump1090 by typing:

    ./dump1090 –interactive –net
  2. You should see the same display as before on the RPi screen, but the extra command switches should enable a network server that will allow the PP software running on your PC to connect to the RPi.

[djt] notes: To reduce the amount of network traffic you can replace the –interactive with –quiet.

To run the command so that it continues to work after you logout from the Raspberry Pi, you can run a command with a trailing ampersand, such as:

  • ./dump1090 –quiet –no-fix –gain -10 –net &

Alternatively, for a reduced CPU and network I/O load:

  • ./dump1090 –quiet –no-fix –gain -10 –net –net-ro-size 500 –net-ro-rate 5 &
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