Reaching the ok Prompt

por | 28 septiembre, 2018

Reaching the ok Prompt

There are several ways to reach the ok prompt, depending on the state of the system and the means by which you are accessing the system console. In decreasing order of desirability, the list is as follows:


Note – To reach the ok prompt after a shutdown or reset of the server module, the
auto-boot? option must be set to false. Also, you must shut down or restart the Solaris OS to get to the ok prompt. You cannot reach the ok prompt from the Solaris OS (see Openboot ok Prompt Not Available After Solaris OS Has Started).


  • Graceful shutdown
  • Graceful reset of the control domain using the ILOM reset command
  • Manual system reset
  • The Break key or the equivalent ALOM system controller command pair:
    -> set /HOST send_break_action=break
    -> start /SP/console -force

A discussion of each method follows. For step-by-step instructions, see Procedures for Obtaining the ok Prompt.