How Do I Upgrade a Cisco Catalyst 2960G using the Image .Tar file after tftp copy to flash

por | 30 enero, 2017

Switch# dir flash: <gave me a list of the current System Boot IMage folder for the old IOS and my uploaded .TAR

Switch# delete flash: c2960-lanbasek9-mz….bin
Switch# delete flash: c2960-lanbasek9-mz 150-2.SE7.tar

**I removed both the existing image and the tar I had downloaded to start the process over proper**

I had TFTP32 open on my notebook with the folder C:\Users\User\CiscoIOS\c2960….tar as Home.

From the switch I ran this command:

Switch#  archive tar /xtract tftp://<ipaddress>/c2960….tar flash:

It extracted all of the new image into a folder named after the image file and extracted all items into that folder(especially since this included the GUI files)

Switch# verify flash:/c2960-lanbasek9-150-2.SE7/c2960-lanbasek9-150-2.SE7.bin

**This verified the extracted bin file and it looks like this because it was in a sub-directory on flash:**

Switch# wr mem

Switch# show boot **take note of the bootpath**

Switch# boot system flash:/c2960-lanbasek9-150-2.SE7/c2960-lanbasek9-150-2.SE7.bin

**This will tell the switch what image to use at boot time**

Switch# wr mem

Switch# reload