Ldm save export

por | 31 diciembre, 2016

Save your domain configuration: after making a change to your domains configuration that you want to persist overapowercycle,saveittotheserviceprocessorbyissuinganldm add-config confignamecommand. ‘bootsets’ containing the Service Processor (SP configuration and constraints are saved on the control domain when a configuration is saved to the SP, and are used to reload the constraints database after a power cycle. A copyissavedonthecontroldomainin /var/opt/SUNwldm/autosave-<configname> andyoucansetan auto-recover policy for situations where the copy on disk is newer than the one saved on the service processor. This is documented at http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E62357_01/html/E62358/managingldomsconfigurations.html »


Backup your domain configuration: save the domain configuration by exporting the configuration to an XML file,whichcanbesavedonaseparatehost.Usingldm list-constraints –x mydom > mydom.xmlsaves theinformationforonedomain,andldm list-constraints –x > everything.xmlsavestheinformation for the entire system. If the domain configuration needs to be restored on a separate server, and individual domaincanberestoredbyusingasequencelikeldm add-dom –I mydom.xml; ldm bind mydom; ldm start mydom andtheentiredomainconfigurationcanberestoredfromfactorydefaultmodebyusing ldm init-system –i everything.xml.