Solaris Containers cheat sheet

por | 18 marzo, 2016

This a quick cheat sheet of the commands that can be used when using zones (containers), for a more complete guide see solaris zones.

Zone States

Configured Configuration has been completed and storage has been committed. Additional configuration is still required.
Incomplete Zone is in this state when it is being installed or uninstalled.
Installed The zone has a confirmed configuration, zoneadm is used to verify the configuration, Solaris packages have been installed, even through it has been installed, it still has no virtual platform associated with it.
Ready (active) Zone’s virtual platform is established. The kernel creates the zsched process, the network interfaces are plumbed and filesystems mounted. The system also assigns a zone ID at this state, but no processes are associated with this zone.
Running (active) A zone enters this state when the first user process is created. This is the normal state for an operational zone.
Shutting down + Down (active) Normal state when a zone is being shutdown.

Files and Directories

zone config file /etc/zones
zone index /etc/zones/index

Note: used by /lib/svc/method/svc-zones to start and stop zones

Cheat sheet

Creating a zone zonecfg -z <zone>

see creating a zone for a more details

deleting a zone from the global ssytem ## halt the zone first, then uninstall it
zoneadm -z <zone> halt
zoneadm -z <zone> uninstall

## now you can delete it
zonecfg -z <zone> delete -F

Display zones current configuration zonecfg -z <zone> info
Display zone name zonename
Create a zone creation file zonecfg -z <zone> export
Verify a zone zoneadm -z <zone> verify
Installing a zone zoneadm -z <zone> install
Ready a zone zoneadm -z <zone> ready
boot a zone zoneadm -z <zone> boot
reboot a zone zoneadm -z <zone> reboot
halt a zone zoneadm -z <zone> halt
uninstalling a zone zoneadm -z <zone> uninstall -F
Veiwing zones zoneadm list -cv
login into a zone zlogin <zone>
login to a zones console zlogin -C <zone> (use ~. to exit)
login into a zone in safe mode (recovery) zlogin -S <zone>
add/remove a package (global zone) # pkgadd -G -d . <package>

If the -G option is missing the package will be added to all zones

add/remove a package (non-global zone) # pkgadd -Z -d . <package>

If the -Z option is missing the package will be added to all zones

Query packages in all non-global zones # pkginfo -Z
query packages in a specified zone # pkginfo -z <zone>
lists processes in a zone # ps -z <zone>
list the ipcs in a zone # ipcs -z <zone>
process grep in a zone # pgrep -z <zone>
list the ptree in a zone # ptree -z <zone>
Display all filesystems # df -Zk
display the zones process information # prstat -Z

# prstat -z <zone>


-Z reports information about processes and zones
-z reports information about a particular zone