How to connect to an 11.5 OpenEdge database from a trial version of the 64 bit version of Tableau 9.1

por | 13 febrero, 2016

First test the OpenEdge 11.5 connection with a test database, for this, under a proenv command prompt window use the commands:
prodb testdb demo
an then add a sysprogress user to that database and start that database with
proserve testdb -S 5555
To test an SQL connection with a JDBC connection to that database use the command:
sqlexp testdb -S 5555 -user sysprogress -password sysprogress
and then run the SQL query:
select * from PUB.customer;
This will confirm that the database is up and running (enter ‘exit’ to quit the sqlexp utility).

Then on Windows go to
Start -> All Programs -> Administrative Tools -> Data Sources (ODBC) -> System DSN -> Add…-> Progress OpenEdge 11.5 Driver -> Finish
and fill in the fields with:
Data Source Name-> testdb
Host Name-> localhost
Port Number -> 5555
Database Name -> sysprogress
and verify the connection by clicking ‘Test Connect’ which should give a ‘Connection established!’ popup

In the trial version the Tableau software (available from ) in the left pane go to
Connect -> To a server -> More Servers… -> Other Databases (ODBC) -> in the DSN dropbox then choose ‘testdb’
and press ‘Connect’ -> OK -> and fill in the fields
Server -> localhost
Database -> testdb
and remove ‘HOST=localhost;DB=testdb’ from the ‘String Extras:’ field
then press OK
In the ‘Select Schema’ dropdown type in ‘PUB’ and press the search icon.
then select ‘PUB’ and in the ‘Table’ field enter ‘Customer’ and press the search icon.
It should now be possible to select ‘customer (PUB.customer)’ and drop it in the right pane of the tableau software.