crontab progress openedge

por | 30 enero, 2013

Status: Verified


Shell script fails to run Progress procedure as a (scheduled) batch

** Could not find terminal type <type> in file <file name>. (146)

Unable to use your terminal. Check your PROTERMCAP file. (443)

Redirection or Piping of stdin or stdout is allowed only with -b.(156)

FACT(s) (Environment):

Running progress in batch mode via shell script starting from crontab.
Progress session is started with «-b» or mbpro or bpro.
Progress 7.X
Progress 8.X
Progress 9.X
OpenEdge 10.x


Required TERM environment variable is not set.


Verify that $DLC/protermcap file contains an entry for this TERM
Then set your TERM variable within the background script.

The script running from crontab would be as follows, which has been
tested and approved:


DLC=/path_to_installed_progress ; export DLC
TERM=vt100 ; export TERM
PROTERMCAP=$DLC/protermcap ; export PROTERMCAP

$DLC/bin/mbpro ……….

# end of script