If you interrupt john you can resume

por | 29 enero, 2013


Obtain a target file for this assignment

I have prepared such an «unshadowed» file representing 50 accounts and their passwords. It is named crack-these-please. Obtain it from sputnik.smc.edu by anonymous ftp. It’s in the pub subdirectory. Put it in your john- directory. Then cd into that directory and run

./john  crack-these-please

Try to crack as many of the 50 as you can. It will take some time. John will remember the passwords it has cracked. You can view them with

./john –show crack-these-please

If you interrupt john you can resume it with

./john –restore

Turning in the assignment

When you have finished cracking, capture the output showing the results into a file:

./john –show crack-these-please > cracked

Print out the file and turn it in on paper.