Nfs operation not permited

por | 3 enero, 2013

NFS operation not permitted
Symptom: When trying to mount NFS on a Mac OS X client, find “operation not permitted” in /var/log/system.log.
Explanation: It turns out the the Darwin default is to assume the NFS will take place on an insecure port, i.e. >1024.
Solution 1: The suggested solution is to add “insecure” to the export options on the NFS server side. For instance, I have /data 192.168.4/24(rw,insecure) in the /etc/exports file of NFS server.
Solution 2: add resvport option in the client side. e.g. mount_nfs -o resvport nfs_server_host:/path /mnt/my_nfs_share