por | 2 febrero, 2012

Overtraining gets you nowhere. Take one more rest day after a hard run to keep your body strong and healthy. That could mean an easy run, mellow cross-training or a foam roller session. It’s OK to take 2-3 days off if you need it. What’s your kind of recovery day? Discuss in the comments below and Never. Stop. Running.

To race fast, push hard every day, right? Wrong. Our bodies need recovery to gain fitness. Push until you wear your body out, then give yourself a chance to rest and rebuild. Sleep long and heavy, and take easy days, cross-training days and don’t-even-think-about-running days to give your body and mind a breather. You’ll get stronger.


Adding one more mile every week

Try adding one more mile every week to build endurance. It may seem like a small difference, but it really adds up over time. This is a great, simple way to start ramping up from running 5Ks to longer distances. If it ever seems like too much, wait a week before increasing again. Try it and tell us how it goes in the comments. Never. Stop. Running.