Persistent reverse SSH tunnel

por | 25 marzo, 2011

A little while ago, I found myself with the desire to access my home machine when I’m not at home. (I was mostly looking for the ability to do things like set off an OpenSolaris «nightly» build from work so that it would be done before I was at home in front of my computer again.) I wondered if you could do something like this with ssh, and a little digging turned up the -R flag, which does exactly what I want.

While Googling on the topic, I ran across this, in which the author discusses using a cron job to make sure that the link would be re-established in the event that something terminated the process. This is one way to achieve persistence, but given that I’m running OpenSolaris at home, there’s a better way to achieve the same. If I simply start the process like this:

ctrun -r 0 -t -f hwerr,core,signal ssh -R 2069:localhost:22

then Solaris will guarantee that my SSH process gets restarted whenever it dies.

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