Configuring Option 150 in DHCP for CISCO Phone Setup in Windows Server 2003 Active Directory Based Domain Environment.

por | 30 abril, 2010

Microsoft Windows Server 2003 provides various options to configure in the DHCP server, which will be distributed to the DHCP clients. Some of the well knows options are DNS domain name, Router, WINS, Time Server, and so on. But, by default, some of the necessary options cannot be find in the DHCP option properties. There are various addresses such as TFTP, HTTPS IPs are needed for various setups such as CISCO and Avaya IP phones.

Here I will tell you how to configure TFTP option for Cisco CallManager. Cisco CallManager devices boot up and request an IP address. They also need additional information, such as the default gateway and the TFTP Server IP Address (Option 150). This step-by-step instruction provides details on how to configure all the necessary parameters for the Windows 2003 DHCP Server.

In this scenario we have already configured DHCP server, Scopes, and Scope option details such as DNS server, Router, and so on. Then see how to configure TFTP option 150 in an existing DHCP.

Select Start > Programs > Administrative Tools > DHCP in order to go to the DHCP Manager.
Right-click the server and select Set Predefined Options, then click Add.

Enter the Name as TFTP Server IP Address, Data Type is IP Address, Code is 150, and Description is TFTP Server IP Address for CallManager Devices.

Click OK twice in order to complete the creation of Option 150. If you right-click Scope Options and select Configure Options, you can select Option 150 as an option to hand out to Devices.

Now, reboot your device and check if you are getting all the options you have configured.