Perform Authoritative Restore of Entire Directory

por | 13 octubre, 2009

This step restores the entire Active Directory, and marks it as authoritative for the enterprise.
•    Credentials: local Administrator
•    Tool: Ntdsutil.exe
To perform authoritative restore of the entire directory
1.    Open a command prompt and type ntdsutil and then press ENTER.
2.    At the ntdsutil: prompt, type authoritative restore and then press ENTER.
3.    At the ntdsutil authoritative restore: prompt, type restore database and press ENTER.
4.    At the Authoritative Restore Confirmation dialog box, click OK.
5.    Type quit and press ENTER until you have exited Ntdsutil.exe.
6.    Restart the server. It is now authoritative for the domain, and changes will be replicated to the other domain controllers in the enterprise.