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por | 30 julio, 2009


This PC monitoring solution ensures the productivity of your employees and protects company secrets from being stolen. It offers simple remote install over a network and real-time access to all reports and logs.



With Activity Monitor, SoftActivity™ TS Monitor and SoftActivity™ Keylogger solutions you have your hand on the pulse of what is going on in your LAN. This unique spy software allows remote computer monitoring and keylogger recording in real time. The outstanding built-in keystroke recorder allows you to know everything user types in his emails, chats and other programs, including passwords. View and record Internet activity, trace all programs started and run by your network members.
Here are several popular ideas of how to use our computer monitoring software:

* Employee activity monitoring. Find out what they are doing when they are assumed to be working
* Control over students during the academic hours. Easily track their activity with our keystroke logger, so they will use network for the educational purposes only
* Parental control. Our powerful spy software will alert you when your child is into something suspicious

Our internet monitoring software works out the entire issue with immense effectiveness. Full statistics, detailed reports, real time computer monitoring. The completely invisible keylogger to track and record everything happening within the entire network.