hopster bypass firewalls

por | 30 enero, 2009


Bypass Firewall – Bypass Proxy – HTTP tunnel
Chat with your friends using your favourite applications: MSN, AOL, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, Miranda, Trillian, mIRC… Wherever your friends are, hopster will bypass a censoring firewall and take you right to your buddies.

Browse, Surf, Download & Chat Anonymously
Hide your real IP address and protect yourself from nosy people and wannabe-hackers. With hopster, there’s no way anyone will know where or who you are.

Try hopster for free!
Freedom is just five minutes away. With just little more than 1 MB, downloading hopster is just a matter of minutes. And it even configures itself – automatically. So, go get it! Demo version transfers files with 2 Kilobytes per second.

« hopster requires no configuration! «