Configuring NFS on Windows Server 2008 core

por | 24 noviembre, 2008

Hasn’t really changed since 2003 R2, but its all over the command line. From the start:

Installation of the NFS components:

start /w ocsetup ServerForNFS-Base

Make a directory to store your content and ACL it appropriately for NFS – I don’t recommend this as best practice, but I’m assuming we’re in safe environment, i.e. a management / storage network. Oh and wack a file in to test with:

mkdir content
echo hello! > hello.txt
cacls content /t /e /g:»anonymous logon»:C
cacls content /t /e /g:everyone:C

Now I just need to start the NFS server

nfsadmin server localhost start

Then just create the NFS share – I’m using the anonymous userid and groupid to 0 which is the root user and group:

nfsshare nfscontent=c:\content -o root rw anon=yes anonuid=0 anongid=0

And then over to our *nix machine to mount the share, first I’ll just make sure I can see them, then mount and test to read the file.

[root@localhost /]# showmount -e servercore
Export list for servercore:
/nfscontent (everyone)
[root@localhost /]# mount -t nfs servercore:/nfscontent /mnt/content
[root@localhost /]# cat /mnt/content/hello.txt
[root@localhost /]#