Sun Patch Framework

por | 25 agosto, 2008

Sun Update Manager . updatemanager GUI version of smpatch
smpatch – CLI of updatemanager – analizyse / download /add

The following components requiere service plan:

Sun Update Web Application – Web Portal hosted by
faciliates the management of patches for 1 or more systems

Sun Update Connection Proxy – Creates a local patch server

patchadd/patchrm – CLI based tools – non Sun Update Connection tools

download patch manually from and apply

3. Solaris Management Console SMC

##### SOLARIS PATCH MANAGEMENT VIA CLI — using smpatch ####

1. smpatch analyse – determines required patches
2. smpatch update – apply ALL updates based on analysis
3. smpatch analyse -x idlist=patch_list.txt
4. smpatch analyse -i patch_id -i patch_id2
5. smpatch download -i 121309-03
6. smpatch download -x idlist=patch_list.txt
7. smpatch add -i 121309-03


#### Patchadd ###
Permits adding/removing/listing signed/unsigned patches

Note: in order to apply signed patches, use keytool to export and the import into patchadd

Syntax: patchadd directory_to_patch