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por | 10 agosto, 2008

~ original vi had only one level of undo
~ yikes!
~ vim has unlimited (limited only by memory)
~ set ‘undolevels’ to what you need (1000

~ simple case: u – undo, CTRL-R – redo
~ vim 7 introduces branched undo
~ if you undo something, and make a change, a
new branch is created
~ g-, g+ – go to older/newer text state (through

~ you can travel through time
~ :earlier Ns,m,h – go to text state as it was N
seconds, minutes, hours ago
~ :later Ns,m,h – go to a later text state similarly
~ :earlier 10m – go back 10 minutes, before I
drank a can of Red Bull and made all these crazy
changes. Whew

Para tener colores en VIM
-bash-3.00$ cat ~/.vimrc
set term=linux
set background=dark
syntax on
set bs=2

As this problem also appeared in the normal console the solution was to alter .bashrc to contain the lines below. The command changes the terminal line settings:

stty intr
stty erase
stty echoe