reset ilo2

por | 28 marzo, 2008

There is a known problem with the iLO2 console management devices causes the iLO2 to become unresponsive to certain tools including the HP XC power daemon and the iLO2 Web interface. When this happens, you will see CONNECT_ERROR messages from the power daemon.Additional symptoms include not being able to use the iLO2 Web interface and not being able to control the node’s boot options through the Onboard Administrator (OA) on HP server blade enclosures.When the problem occurs, the iLO2 is not completely dead; only parts of it are hung.You can clear up the problem using two methods:

  • Completely remove power from the node by either removing the power cord or in the case of an HP server blade, removing the server from the enclosure. Wait 15 seconds and restore power to the node. This restarts the iLO2 . Of course, doing this also reboots the node.

  • If you do not want to reboot the node, you can reboot the iLO2 device through the iLO2command line interface (which is not hung) as follows:

    1. Use telnet or ssh to access the iLO2 device that is hung.
    2. Log in to the iLO2. Use the standard XC user name and password you defined for your console devices.
    3. Reboot the iLO2:
      reset map1