por | 17 marzo, 2008

This script will configure a web server instance to run PHP scripts.
usage :
     setupPHP -instancename=<instance name> [-sapi=nsapi|fastcgi]
     setupPHP -instancename=https-php
     setupPHP -instancename=https-php -sapi=nsapi
bash-3.00# setupPHP
bash: setupPHP: command not found
bash-3.00# ./setupPHP

UPDATED: /sun/webserver7/
UPDATED: /sun/webserver7/
UPDATED: /sun/webserver7/
UPDATED: /sun/webserver7/
Setup was sucessful.

The following steps are necessary to make the changes to all the nodes.

(1) Start the admin server


(2) Connect to the admin server using wadm command

    /sun/webserver7/bin/wadm [–user=admin-user] [–password-file=admin-pswd-file] [–host=admin-host] [–port=admin-port]

(3) Pull the modified config from the node to config store
    using the following command in wadm console:

    pull-config – nodehost
    For Example: If the host name for the node is then enter the command like,
    pull-config –

(4) Deploy the new changes to all nodes using
    the following command in wadm console: