Choose the Best VPS Hosting Platform for Your Needs OpenVZ vs Xen

por | 23 febrero, 2008


We recommend OpenVZ VPS hosting for the speed and stability it consistently provides.

The OpenVZ platform is the logical choice for most virtual private server hosting needs. OpenVZ uses fewer resources than Xen, and its interface limitations are not especially relevant to the vast majority of virtual private server administrators.

Xen VPS hosting

We recommend Xen VPS hosting for the flexibility it can provide when situations which require more memory arise.

The Xen platform should be considered if you plan to use your VPS hosting to complete one-off tasks which have a high memory overhead like Java development, compiling applications, and encoding video.

Xen is not an appropriate choice if you plan to rely heavily on swap space instead of acquiring enough RAM for day-to-day operations – while Xen would appear to be a cost-saver at first glance, the performance penalties associated with constant swap space usage will render an overloaded Xen server unusable.